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The SNMP concepts

The SNMP model defines two entities, which works in a client-server mode.

The SNMP server is called a SNMP agent and is located on the device to monitor. The client part is the SNMP manager in charge of the data collection and display. The SNMP version 3 names it the client entity instead of SNMP agent. The SNMP agent listens to requests coming from the SNMP manager on the UDP port 161, while the SNMP manager listens to alarms “TRAP” coming from the agent on port UDP 162.


The SNMP manager

SNMP Manager

The SNMP manager should be installed on a powerful system connected to the enterprise network. Another common name for it, is management station.

The SNMP manager job is to acquire with SNMP requests, information about devices connected to the network. Gathered information are then processed and displayed in tables, graphs, gauges, histograms, for an easier interpretation by human being.



The management station includes the following components:

The graphical user interface

Use to display in a friendly manner collected data.

The database

 The database is used by the manager to store collected data.

The transport protocol

Protocol is used to communicate between manager and agent.

Le SNMP engine

This is the kernel of the application. It manages all the tasks like an orchestral chief.

Agent management profiles

This is a set of rules that defines how to access to the agents. All this profiles help to build the topology map.

The SNMP agent

The agent is a mix of software and hardware or only software and is located in the device. Most of network devices are equipped by default, other systems having a standard operating system are able to behave like an agent by running a simple process. Most of them, Windows platform, Novell Server, Unix and Linux systems own their agents. Hubs and MAU, for most of them are also manageable.

Agents are composed of:

A transport protocol stackResponsible for sending and receiving SNMP packet
An SNMP engineProcess requests and formats data.
A management profilesThese are the rules that control access to MIB variables and manage which requests are authorized.




SOAIP0205 - Agent SNMP Interne Megatec pour Mistral 1-3KVA

1 pcs / carton
0.10 kg
0.01 cbm

SOIIP0203 - SNMP Mistral 1 à 3 KVA

SOIIP0204 - SNMP Mistral 6, 10 KVA et Sirocco 10, 20, 30 KVA

  • Protocol Support : Modbus RTU
  • Power Input : 12 V
  • Power Consumption : 0.5 watt (max.)
  • Operating Temperature : 0 ~ 40°C
  • Operating Humidity : 0 ~ 95%
  • Network Connection : RS-485 and RS232/RS-485 through isolated RJ45 port
  • Baud Rate : 2400 bps/4800 bps/9600 bps/19200 bps
  • Parity : Even/Odd/None
  • Dimension, D x W x H : 84 x 43 x 14 mm
  • Net Weight : 34.7 g Kg
  • Technical specifications : Refer to Annex_3(a) & (b)

SOAIP0206 - Agent SNMP Interne Megatec pour Mistral 6-10KVA et Sirocco series

  • 1(A method for generating device controlling interface through: URL, WEB, NMS, Telnet or SNMP) :
  • 2(Support the encryption of given data : HTTPS, SSL, SSH, SNMPv3) :
  • 3(Centralized ratius authentication.) :
  • 4(Notifications by Email, SMS, or Trap SNMP) :
  • 5(Possibility of adding surveillance modules of the environment such as temperature, humidity, presence of liquids, smoke "heat" detectors, opening of windows and doors through dry contacts.) :
  • 6(Support USB connection by Wifi card 802.11b/g, storage key hard disk, camera as well as other devices...) :
  • 7(Support power conditioner MIB, RFC1628, PPC MIB) :
  • 8(Support an additional modem GPRS) :
  • 9(Multi language interface) :
  • 10(Real time surveillance) :
  • 11(Planning of the tests or the start up) :
  • 12(Recording of events and data) :
  • 13(Managing powering and switching of equipments) :
  • 14(Historic of battery tests (drum kits)) :

SOAIP0106 - Agent Snmp Megatec DP520 pour IP Compact

  • 1(Refer to Annex_02) :

SOAIP0108 - Agent Snmp Megatec NetAgent 9 Externe

  • 01(Comprehensive UPS management with flexible management via web browser, NMS, Telnet or SNMP) :
  • 02(Battery test log) :
  • 03(Support environment monitoring with temperature, humidity water presence, smoke and door and (or) window sensor) :
  • 04(Support GPRS modem) :
  • 05(Grateful multi-server shutdown) :
  • 06(Real-time UPS monitoring) :
  • 07(Inclusive of one (01) RS232 to RJ45 cable) :
  • 08(Refer to attached for more info (technical data sheet)) :

SOAIP0107 - Agent SNMP Megatec DP 522 pour IP Master et IP Master plus

  • Type 1(Comprehensive UPS management with flexible configuration via Web Browser, NMS, Telnet or SNMP.) :
  • Type 2(Support advance encryption: HTTPS, SSL, SSH, SNMPv3) : Valeurs des capteurs de l'onduleur
  • Type 3(Centralized authentication by Radius) :
  • Type 4(Event notification via E-mail, SMS or Trap) :
  • Type 5(Support NetFeeler II (environment monitoring) with temperature, humidity, water presence, smoke and door/window sensors) :
  • Type 6(Support USB Wifi 802.11b/g, USB flash disk / external USB HDD, compatible USB camera & more...) :
  • Type 7(Support UPS MIB, RFC1628, PPC MIB) :
  • Type 8(Support GPRS modem) :
1 pcs / carton
0.10 kg
0.01 cbm