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This UPS series is a single phase in, single phase out high frequency online UPS. 

It provides four (4) capacities: 1, 3, 6 and 10 KVA. 

These equipments are modularized and adopt the N+1 redundancy. It can flexibly increase the number of the UPS modules according to the load capacity which is convenient for flexible allocation and gradually investment for 6 and 10 KVA only.

The UPS can solve most of the power supply problems, such as blackout, over-voltage, under-voltage, voltage sudden drop, oscillating of decreasing extent, high voltage pulse, voltage fluctuation, surge, inrush
current, harmonic distortion (THD), noise interference, frequency fluctuation, etc..


This UPS can be applied to different applications from computer device, automatic equipment, communication system to industry equipment.


  • Standards (Surge Suppressions): EN 61000-2-2/ EN61000-4-2, Level 4/ EN 61000-4-3, Level 3/ EN 61000-4-4, Level 4 (also on signal ports)/ EN 6100-4-5, Level 4 Criteria A
  • Standards (EMC Certification): CE per IEC/EN 62040-2/ Class B
  • Standards (EMC 62040-2:2006
  • Safety conformance: IEC 62040-1-1
  • Agency marking: CE

Rotating display screen

With LCD plus LED displays, the user may easily get UPS status and its operational parameters, such as input/output voltage, frequency & load%, battery % and ambient temperature, etc..

Additional batteries / batteries hot swap

Hot-Swap battery allows you change battery/ies in a UPS without shutting down the load. A maximum of four (4) battery cabinets can be added in the UPS (Plug and Play)Each External Battery Cabinet (EBC) include its own charger.

UPS monitoring and automatic shutdown software

The software is compatible with Novell Netware, Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Windows server 2003/2008/2012, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac. Support SEC Protocol & USB Interface.

Intelligent port slots

The use of the SNMP agent, BMS and AS 400 makes it easier in management features such as: • Setting up and programming extinctions etc.

Digital Control

This series UPS is controlled by Digital Signal Processor (DSP); hence, it increases reliability, performance, self proteciton, self-diagnostics and so on.

Rack and Tower

The machine can be installed in both horizontal (rack) and vertical (tower) position depending on the user. It is a 2-in-1 design for a simplified installation.

Intelligence charging method

The series UPS adopts three-stage charging method: advanced 1 st stage: 2 nd stage: 3 rd stage: High current constant current charging to guarantee to charge back to 90%. Constant Voltage in order to vitalize battery and make sure batteries are fully charged. This series UPS is controlled by Digital Signal Processor (DSP); hence, it increases reliability, performance, self proteciton, self-diagnos

1 phase in / 1 phase out

It is 1-Phase In/ 1Phase Out high-density UPS system, of which input current is kept in balance. No unbalance problem might occur.

Rails (options)

4-Post Rack-Mount Installation of Mistrals • Supports UPS systems in 4-post rackmount applications • Temporary placement pegs smplifies single-person installation

Emergency power off (EPO)

The Emergency Power Off (EPO) button, also called an EPO switch or EPO panel, is a safety measure for quickly disconnecting electrical power to a particular piece of equipment, or to an entire facility, in the event of an emergency


Input voltage220/ 230/ 240 Vac ( P+N+T) ±20%
Operating input voltage120 – 276 Vac
Operating frequency range45 – 55 Hz/ 54 – 66 Hz ± 0.5 Hz
Input power factor≥ 0.98≥ 0.99 
Bypass voltage rangeMax voltage.: +15% (optional +15%, +10%, +25%) Min voltage.: -45% (optional -15%, -20%, -30%) Protected frequency range: ±10%220V ± 25% (optional +10%, +15%, +20% ) 230: +20% (optional +10%, +15%) 240: +15% (optional +10%) Min voltage: -45% (optional -20%, -30%)
Bypass frequency range± 10%
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)≤ 3% (Linear mode) ≤5% (Non linear mode)≤ 3% (100% Linear mode)
Generator inputSupported
Output voltage220/ 230/ 240 Vac (Adjustable)
Power factor0.9
Voltage regulation±2%
Frequency (Online mode)50 or 60Hz ±1%/ ±2%/ ±4%/ ±5%/ ±10% Rated frequency (optional)
Frequency (Battery mode)≤5% (Non linear mode)50/ 60 (±0.1) Hz
Crest factor3:1
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)≤ 2% (Linear mode)/ ≤ 5% (Non linear mode)
Wave formPure Sinewave
Battery voltageOptional voltage (±96/ ±108/ 120 VDC)
Typical recharge time6-8 hours ( 90% of full capacity)
Backup timeLong run unit depends on the capacity of external batteries. Estimated remaining time displayed on front LCD
Charge currentMax current: 10A, charge current can be set according to battery capacity installed
Transfer timeUtility to battery: 0ms – Utility to bypass: 0ms
Overload (Linear mode)Load (≤110% last 60min/ ≤125% last 10min/ ≤150% last 1sec/ >150% turn back to bypass mode
Overload (Battery mode)10A input breaker15A input breaker20A input breaker40A input breaker60A input breaker
Short circuitHold whole system
OverheatLine mode: switch to bypass – Backup mode: switch down the UPS immediately
Low battery voltageAlarm and switch OFF
Self diagnosticUpon power ON and software control
BatteryAdvanced (smart) battery management
Noise suppressionComplies with EN62040-2
Audible & visual alarmsLine failure, battery low, Overload, system fault
Status Led & LCD displayLine mode, backup mode, ECO mode, Bypass mode, Battery low, Battery bad, Overload & UPS fault
Reading on the LCD displayInput voltage, Input frequency, Output voltage, Output frequency, Load percentage,Battery voltage, Inner temperature & Remaining battery back-up time
Communication interfaceUSB, RS232, Parallel port, SNMP card, Relay card (optional)
Operating temperature0 - 4 0 °C
Storage temperature-25 °C – 55 °C
Humidity range0 – 95% (non condensing)
Noise level<55dB
Dimensions (l x h x p) mm440x86.5x430 440x86.5x696443 x 131 x 580 (3U)
Weight (Kg)12 325662
SecurityIEC/ EN62040 – 1 IEC/ EN60950 – 1
EMCIEC/EN62040-2,IEC6100-4-2,IEC6100-4-3,IEC6100-4-4,IEC6100-4-5, IEC6100-4-6,IEC6100-4-8