Online Simple conversion

Online Simple conversion

This is a mid-range product that allows for honest protection while preserving your budget.

This inverter is called "online mono-conversion" because it has the same characteristics as a line inverter (no output cutoff), while having the inverter off. It combines the performance of online double conversion with those of offline.

  • When the network is present, the network is transmitted to the computer by the transfer switch via a saturation transformer.

  • The saturation transformer isolates the raw network from the computer, regulates the output voltage, eliminates noise, and eliminates surges caused by lightning. It also provides a power reserve of 12 ms between the disappearance of the network and the start of the inverter. This is the heart of the inverter.

  • The battery is recharged by a small charger powered by the saturation transformer

  • The inverter is off, it starts when the raw current disappears, the start-up time is compensated by the energy stored in the transformer, which makes it possible to have no break output.

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