UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source)

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source)

A UPS is an electrical apparatus that provides clean electricity protection to electrical equipment against mains power fails and power disturbances. It is also a type of continual power system.

Our specialty, with the IPower brand of our UPS is to put an end to power outages.

A UPS is an electrical protection system in case of power failure, it will protect your equipment against overvoltages, voltages and free interruptions.

Here you will find our products "offline" ranges, also called "interactive line" and "online".

"Interactive line" because it is in permanent interaction with the network.

In the "online" you will have the "mechanical" ranges also called "low frequency" and "electronic" also called "high frequency".

Main function of a line interactive UPS


Main function of an online UPS

Choose your backup time





Interactive line technology switches between the mains and the batteries depending on the availability of power.

These models are also equipped with interference cleaning modules.

This is a mid-range product that allows for honest protection while preserving your budget.

The inverter excelence, total protection, a pure and perfect current.

We recommend them for any production environment.

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